Properties for sale in Andratx and Port Andratx

The town centre of Puerto Andratx with its quaint, winding streets attracts a lot of admirers and the properties for sale within this area are much sought after. Property for sale in Puerto Andratx are perfect if you want to enjoy a lifestyle in an international location and like to be close to the glamorous yacht club. Everything here is within easy walking distance, the advantage of a house for sale in Puerto Andratx is the proximity to the trendy boutiques, restaurants and cafés. Lovers of the golf sport will delight in a house for sale in Puerto Andratx close to one of the best golf facilities in Mallorca. Many of these outstanding villas for sale in Puerto Andratx offer lovely views over the horse-shoe bay. You should seriously consider buying now, these Mallorca properties are also perfect buy-to-rent investments.

3 Bedrooms   /   2 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 614m²

Villa for sale in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

2.650.000 €

4 Bedrooms   /   0 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 1790m²

Villa for sale in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

4.950.000 €

5 Bedrooms   /   6 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 1450m²

Villa for sale in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

12.750.000 €

10 Bedrooms   /   7 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 495123m²

Historical Mallorquin Manor ideal for turning into an Agroturismo

4.500.000 €

0 Bedrooms   /   0 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 37800m²

Plot for sale in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

3.700.000 €

5 Bedrooms   /   5 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 890m²

Villa in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

1.990.000 €

8 Bedrooms   /   6 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 1610m²

Villa for sale in Camp de Mar, Mallorca

3.980.000 €

2 Bedrooms   /   2 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 0m²

Spectacular penthouse with stunning sea views in Cala Llamp, Puerto Andratx

1.545.000 €

0 Bedrooms   /   0 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 1535m²

Expected development land for sale in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

1.950.000 €

5 Bedrooms   /   3 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 1040m²

Villa for sale in Port Andratx, Mallorca

1.850.000 €

0 Bedrooms   /   0 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 1055m²

Plot for sale in Camp de Mar, Mallorca

3.500.000 €

4 Bedrooms   /   4 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 280m²

Lovingly designed sea view villa in townhouse character situated in the second line of...

2.300.000 €

4 Bedrooms   /   4 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 25000m²

Finca for sale in Andratx, Mallorca

2.450.000 €

0 Bedrooms   /   0 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 64000m²

Rustic plot with license for sale in Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

3.500.000 €

6 Bedrooms   /   6 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 30000m²

Stunning Villa for sale to be finished with great privacy in "La Almudaina",...

6.600.000 €

0 Bedrooms   /   0 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 4007m²

Development plots for sale in Camp de Mar, Mallorca

9.800.000 €

6 Bedrooms   /   5 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 1550m²

Villa for sale in Camp de Mar, Mallorca

9.750.000 €

5 Bedrooms   /   2 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 50473m²

House for sale in Andratx, Mallorca

9.550.000 €

6 Bedrooms   /   4 Bathrooms   /   Plot Size 1922m²

Fabulous seafront view villa for sale, Puerto Andratx, Mallorca

15.000.000 €

Luxury living surrounded by pure nature

Andratx is absolutely charming and one of the hot-spot towns to buy house in Mallorca. Life in popular Andratx is full of traditional culture and international art, so a property for sale in Andratx is soon snapped up. Andratx town is tucked away in a beautiful valley, at the foothills of the mighty Tramuntana mountain range, not far away from the sea, with one of Mallorca’s most spectacular bays close by. As far as living within the glorious island nature is concerned, you simply cannot get it any better than here in Andratx! Therefore, Andratx property sales are definitely soaring and any intention to invest in one of the luxury properties in Andratx or Port Andratx should really be seriously pursued immediately! But before you set foot in the area, we recommend you do a bit of general homework first in order to determine your exact budget, because you will soon find out, that your dream property for sale in Andratx or Puerto Andratx could possibly set you back much more than anywhere else on the island: welcome to the millionaire’s playground, this region is one of the high-end real estate locations in the Med.!

A Port Andratx property for sale as a status symbol

Puerto Andratx is one of the glitziest locations on the island and some of the most flamboyant luxury properties for sale in Mallorca are located here in the south west. This area is classified by the wealthy and famous as “one of the places to be”, it is within an easy drive into Palma, avid golfers adore the challenging golf course which regularly hosts international tournaments and the clamoured for glamour factor gets the best exposure in the super yacht marina. Some of the houses for sale in Port Andratx are simply on a planet of their own. The sheer opulence of the state-of-the-art interior designs have to be seen to be believed! Puerto Andratx definitely does not attract the discreet super rich, here you show the world what you own and have achieved in life – wealth is not hidden, on the contrary! Property hunters looking for obvious luxury and the high-flying lifestyle will certainly not be disappointed here in the jewel of Mallorca’s south west, and let’s face it the sea views many a Puerto Andratx property for sale offers are absolutely mind-blowing! Here in this glamour region, Mallorca properties are out-doing each other if you want to find out what is going on in the best, contemporary interior design scenes, a property for sale in Puerto Andratx will put you in the picture.

Port Andratx welcomes them all!

Puerto Andratx started off as a fishing port and until recently Andratx and the whole region in general was mainly populated by the local Mallorcan people but thanks to EU financial input, the area has undergone a transformation over the past 10 years, giving it a facelift which in turn has brought in a steady flow of foreign investment. When you decide to buy a property for sale in Andratx or Puerto Andratx you will become part of an interesting, fast growing international community. Andratx is one of the municipalities on Mallorca with the highest percentage of foreign residents and this fact becomes even more evident when you visit the port. Many a Port Andratx property for sale is owned by a foreigner and actually, in Puerto Andratx you really do not need to speak any Spanish at all! The locals are accustomed to hearing a variety of languages in the streets and during the summer months many celebrities are warmly welcomed by them. Numerous exquisite restaurants and trendy cafés eagerly await their spoilt clients who are never disappointed as both service and cuisine are always flawless. Designer boutiques displaying the latest fashion “must-haves” are to be found in Puerto Andratx’s winding narrow streets and add to the charm of this relatively small port. The sumptuous properties for sale in Port Andratx and a couple of top-class hotels offer fabulous views over the bay which is shaped like a horse shoe. The mountainous surroundings provide a magnificent backdrop to this flamboyant location and let’s face it, Andratx was occupied by the Romans in the 2nd century BC and they really knew how to enjoy a good lifestyle!

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